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Brunei Enterprise Organizes July Meetup

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In the bid to promote the entrepreneurial scenery in the country in line with His Majesty’s Vision 2035, a group of youths have banded together to discuss business ideas and the contributions they can make in Brunei Darussalam.

Organized by Brunei Enterprise, an entrepreneurship society, in Centrepoint Gadong ​last Saturday afternoon​, the meeting was composed of students from higher education who shared a wide range ideas, from setting up a Gaming IT simulation center, to building a youth consulting startup, from building up an existing clothing line to establishing networks with other entrepreneurial organizations, such as Foresight Studios Brunei.

“The spirit of togetherness which makes up the national culture is paramount in assisting us to weather the challenges posed in the 21st century. With this meeting, not only do we surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who would support each other along the way, but it will provide the necessary motivation for all of us to achieve our respective goals, with the most important one being to promote entrepreneurship in the nation,” said Abdul Malik Omar, President of Brunei Enterprise in an interview.

Najib Azhar, an entrepreneur who owns the Islamic clothing line KhalifaHood, commented how useful the group is in helping him to take the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur.

As of present, Brunei Enterprise consists of forty youths and is open to invite anyone, especially local youths, to join in the group. Those interested can ‘like’ their Facebook at “Brunei Enterprise”.



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