happy brunei

big boss
Prince ‘Abdul Muntaqim with his team
Relentless Entertainment Crew
The Happy Guy
The Burger King Staffs
Blogger Ranoadidas and Olympian Runner Maziah Mahusin
Local Attorneys from Brunei High courts

June, 14th 2014

Origin Artistic Management, the creative production company that gave you the movie Yasmine, has just released Pharrell William’s “Happy” Brunei Version.

Ever since it was uploaded 8.00pm Brunei time it went viral across the social media sphere hitting over 500 hits in less than an hour (as of writing).

The music video featured local celebrities, talents, and a few of those who partake in the making of the video.

The video featured Prince ‘Abdul Muntaqim, the Relentless Entertainment Crew, Burger King staffs, blogger Ranoadidas, Olympian Maziah Mahusin and Talk with Liz host, Elizabeth Sim; these among many others.

Share and tweet it out with hash tag #wearehappybrunei Let’s make this international.

Here’s the video!

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Photo credits: From the video.