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The Choco Oat Phenomenon


5th June 2014

Oat Choco Wholesale or as people come to know it now as Choco Oat, is a delicious bar packed full of whole grain oats & wheat fiber snack.

I first come to know of it when my mother brought it home after she went shopping. I have never been a fan when it comes to oatmeals but curiosity took the best of me and would you know that without realizing, I’ve just finished eating a whole packet of creamy tastiness.

Combination of high and low calcium, this oat can absorb excess cholesterol that is usually bad for the human heart. I guess you can say it is safe for a person who wants to be in diet (or in one). It even makes a good breakfast or as goodies for people to share it with friends due to its colorful wrapper.

I do not know, why or how this oatmeal chocolate biscuits phenomenon has come place in the hearts of many people at this point. I didn’t even know it exists. Drop your comments below and tell us, why do you love Choco Oat and how did you come to know of it?


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2 thoughts on “The Choco Oat Phenomenon

  1. Hi! Can i ask where did ur mom buy the choco oat? 🙂


    Posted by Anonymous | June 9, 2014, 7:15 am
  2. Hi, this is Jerry, who come from Fujian China, we are oat choco manufacturer, my email is sales2@sweetchan.cn, my mob is +86-15759884746, looking forward for your contact. many tks!


    Posted by Jerry Lu | July 22, 2016, 5:43 am

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