Photo Credits to Amirul HS

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19th, December, 2013

The annual BSUnion Winter Games co-organised with the Brumingham society concluded last Saturday, 14th, 2013 at University of Birmingham. Held in the Munrow Sports Centre, University of Birmingham this is the second time that the Winter Games was organised outside London(2011) – last year it was in Cardiff – following the BSunion strategy to branch the the annual games to other Brunei student societies. A strategic partnership was forged between BSUnion and the Brumingham society at the Society Leaders’ Forum on the 16th November 2013.

The Winter Game is aimed towards enhancing ties among the Bruneian student communities in the UK and EIRE through sports game competitions. Games such as Badminton, Futsal and Netball was included, and the Brunei student communities across different universities had to form their own teams to compete for the grand prize. Over 500+ Bruneian students took part in the event including His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Mateen.

The Winter Games 2013 Logo was designed by Nur Amal ‘Izzati Binti Haji Kamsani of the Brunei Birmingham Students’ Society, and credits to Amirul HS for the pictures!

p.s. If you have any information on who participated on the event, who won, which team participated etc, or you would like to contribute pictures or videos then please do email me at theamotimes@gmail.com. Will gladly update it. Until then please do spread this article :)!

Meanwhile check out the Winter Games 2013 Clip from Nabil Abdullah on Vimeo.

And this one from the University of Birmingham Youtube Channel where Bru-mingham students were featured in!