Saturday, 11, May 2013

Students took part in a Frisbee tourney a while back ago in UBD’s field complex. Under the theme “Topi Cuti” it is a monthly/bi-monthly Hat organised by Yasmin Patera for the players of Ultimate Brunei.

The main aim of Topi Cuti is for players in Ultimate Brunei to meet new people, develop friendships, and help one build confidence in the game.

The day of the event saw over 80 students participating in the game. They were grouped into eight teams named after series of different colors i.e red, yellow, white.

The winner who eventually took home the prize was the Red team, while the second and third goes to the Yellow and Green team.

Muaz whose studying well engineering in Seria and one of the participants commented how it helped improve his communication skills and level of sportsmanship after the experience.

Students or sponsors who intend to contact the organizer is encouraged to email their inquiries via bara.ultimate@gmail.com.