Monday, March 04, 2013

The Brunei Students here have recently organized two awesome events in two separate locations across the UK.

Firstly it is the Kem Ibadah the 5th 1434H/2013M, a three day workshop held in Brunei Hall, London. Held from 1st to 3rd of March, it revolves around enhancing the students spiritual being, knowledge and appreciation on the day-to-day Ibadah. Over a hundred Bruneian participants turned up for the event, some of which were from Nottingham, Liverpool, Loughbrough, Sheffield and Keele.//

There were outdoor games, poster making competitions, group prayers, and presentations involved. This to enhance participants teamwork and leadership abilities. I joined the event and am quite thankful for my teammates who managed to help our team-“Darussalam”-attain the second and third spot for the poster making and relay race competition respectively.

Below are the positions won by the teams in respective competitions.

For relay race bros:
3rd Darussalam, 2nd Muslim, Mu’min wal Muhsin, 1st Syababul Iman

For relay race sisters:
3rd Mujahidats Fi Sabilillah, 2nd Ainul Mardhiah, 1st Aishah

For poster making bros:
3rd Kumpulan Waris Abu Hurairah, 2nd Darussalam, 1st Fi Amanillah

For poster making sisters:
3rd Aniqah Firzanah, 2nd Habibats Jamilah, 1st Aishah

An evening lecture was also given by the UPP Religious Officer Ustaz Hj Sammali Bin Hj Adam. The theme for this year’s event is “Iman. Islam. Ehsan”.

The event is organized by the BSUnion, the UPP, and is amazingly supported by the volunteers who made the event more awesome. Below is a video made by Hizami Y, and two photo cut from the video(don’t mind the resolution). Anyway subscribe to his YT channel!

AMO sitting in front of the group

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The second event; BruWick Pentathlon 2013 happened elsewhere; University of Warwick, Coventry to be exact. Organized by the BruWick Society, it is a charity fundraising sports event with the theme “Five Obstacles. One Champion”.  The five obstacles or competitions includ Frisbee, Handball, Cross country running, and Tug-of-War(Tarik Kalat). The event was held on the second of March. The first place for the competition goes to Superfeet and followed by Hulligans and BruSX(Essex University). The event is supported by UPP and the Brunei Students UnionCreative materials supplied by Wan SA.

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The UPP(Brunei Students’ Unit) and Brunei Students Union committee were both present to commence and conclude the two events.

One more thing, if you would like to contribute any stories/pictures/videos regarding Bruneian youth activities please do hit me up in facebook, will post it up here if deems to be awesome to the students back in Brunei Darussalam.