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Nature’s Avengers Movement by Fadli M Zaini



Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Brunei youth-led movement was currently underway last weekend. Under the name “Nature’s Avengers”, this green super team aims to promote green awareness in and around Brunei.

Under Green Brunei, this project is supported by the Youth and Sports Department, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Department, Greenspring Resort, Aswad Aroma Plantation and Kumatra Company in bid to raise young kids on the importance of sustainability of habitats in the jungles of Heart of Borneo.

Established early of this year, the twelve-man team consists of youths ranging from 18 to 22 years old. While most of them are waiting for A-level results, others are currently in university or working; sparing their free time to contribute their skills and knowledge to the community.

Among Malaysia and Indonesia, Brunei is a part of the Heart of Borneo project which aims to conserve and sustainably manage the Borneo rainforests that span over 220,000sq km. As youths, they felt obligated to be apart of the driving force to protect the forest by educating young kids.

At the same time, Nature’s Avengers Project has created a platform for potential students to be given the rare opportunity to explore and interact with the natural habitat.

The one-day exploration project was set up at Greenspring Resort at Bintudoh, Tutong. Currently, as Bintudoh is being developed as an Eco-tourism site, the fertile land makes it a great place to conduct projects like the Pusat Belia’s “Survival Camp” in late December last year. The project will enable students to interact with the natural environment including the opportunity to plant Gaharu (agarwood) trees, creating fishponds and tortoise hatcheries. Right now, preparations are currently underway.

In long term, the Nature’s Avengers project has allowed youths to learn how to organize projects and network with other people during the project preparation. The event climax was held on Sunday, 27th of January 2013.

For more information please write to khairunnisa.ashari@green-brunei.com or contact the Project Coordinator Hanna Hassanal at +673-8873173

Article created by Fadli M Zaini


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