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Bruneians SEAYLP members attending U.S. ASEAN Young Leadership Summit 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia

Picture Courtesy of U.S Embassy in Brunei Darussalam

Seven Bruneian alumni members of the Southeast Asian Youth Leadership Program(SEAYLP) are on their way to attend the U.S.-ASEAN Young Leaders Summit 2012 held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The purpose of the program is the promotion of mutual understanding between people of the United States and other countries and between ASEAN nations.

This breaking down differences that hamper positive communication, promotion of good governance, to contribute to conflict prevention and management, and building respect for cultural expressions and identities in a world that is increasingly connected, person-to-person and nation-to-nation, and help participants gain knowledge of and skills in leadership and developing plans for community action and improvement.(1)

The Southeast Asia Youth Leadership Program (SEAYLP) program is designed to provide highquality leadership and citizenship development. SEAYLP seeks to nurture participants as the emerging generation of leaders who will actively pursue solutions to issues in their communities and countries.

It gives participants confidence and experience in collaboration across ethnic, religious, and national boundaries by promoting mutual understanding between the peoples of Southeast Asia and the United States. The program aims to develop a shared sense of civic responsibility and commitment to community development and to hone students leadership skills.

Meanwhile, in another story: A joint statement from the 4th ASEAN-U.S. Leaders’ Meeting recounts its aim of establishing its first ASEAN-U.S. Summit in Brunei Darussalam in 2013.(2)

Picture Source: U.S Embassy in Brunei Darussalam Facebook Fanpage (3)
Official FanPage for Brunei-United States Southeast Asian Youth Leadership Programme Alumni (4)



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