Thursday, December 12, 2012

Brunei Hall held a  three-day Hijrah Motivational Camp(Kem Motivasi Hijrah) recently. As part of an annual religious activity for Brunei UK Students, it aims to develop Islamic knowledge, motivation and reminder for their responsibilities towards Allah S.W.T and Brunei Darussalam.

This year’s theme is “Taqwa Membawa Berkat”, which encompasses the strengthening of individual’s view on the Islamic way of life.

Its intention is to strengthen the bond between the locals, and to motivate them to strive for success. Not just in their academic matters but for understanding of the Dīn too, in order to produce generations of ‘Negara Dzikir’, which Brunei Darussalam endeavors to be.

The event involves Brunei UK students from Leicester, Birmingham, Essex, Sheffiled, Loughbrough and London.

In attendance too was the Director of  Studies, Mr Ali Hamdani Haji Md Diah, who subsequently presented the awards to key event organizers. The event took place on 30th November 2012 – 2nd December 2012.

Pictures and Video courtesy from Hizami Y