Rudy Rocx is one of many guitarist figures that is making a mark in the local music scenery. Soon his album,which details are still undisclosed, will be released by the end of 2012. This after his Enigma Album last few months ago.

Rudy officially started his music career as a lead guitarist in an underground rock band called Potion. Before that he participated in many others namely Intravena, Dariel and Stormfield. Since then he became a known figure in the music scene. This reputation helped him collaborate with other composers to co-create songs. One of which is Brunei’s Hari Raya festival tune “Kehadiran my Syawal”.

Managed by All Music Production and HSY Productions, he and his associates have released some favourable rock songs. Some notable examples would be “Gelora” and “Kembali”.

Record Label Contact
HSY Production. Contact No. 7111321
All Music Production:

Anybody interested to associate with a record label, do contact AMP Records. They can help you out.