Carpe Diem or To Seize the Day in Latin is a close guarded philosophy that I live by. There is not a single day for me that can not be turned into an exciting venture. For life is short. Thus, let I choose to make best use of my time here on Earth. When reminiscing about the past I have always thought I could have done more. The 10 part mini series of My Journey is one of them. One which I hope could be a case study to all who wishes to go overseas. Learn from my mistake and use it as a pedestal for self-improvement. To me this is none other than a personal memoir.

In summing up this memoir, first I say that I miss my the people I know back home since the journey began. I miss my ageing grandfather and my 2 little brothers, Ali and Najib. I miss my friends whom I have worked closely and jokingly with in the past. Haziq Lamudin, Arina, Michell, Amir Syakirin, Muadz Shiddiqin, Kelvin Soo, Fadhil Ali, Mevin Lai, Khairul(Karl), Jacob Danial, Sufri Beckham, Hanif Jh are some of the great friends I have. No one can replace them. They are marvellous people. Each representing an epitome of true friendship. If one of you are reading this I thank you for that.

In this segment made for the Brunei student hopefuls. I have outlined the difficulties faced in the proceeding months since first arriving here. Where I 1st had a glimpse of Brunei Hall. The tirades of blunders met before managing to iron things out for permanent settlement. How University life, culture and people differs from your normal average college and university in Brunei. The personal budgetary procedures that have been established. The ideas of free money disease running through my head and the death of boredom that finally gave birth to The AMO Times. Finally at how above all else resembles more like a box of chocolate. Thus concluding the segment or memoir of My Journey.

This segment however does not mean the end of The AMO Times nor for me. It is far away from it. In fact this is just the beginning. There will be more. Many of such are “Going for Gold:Brunei Olympics 2012“, “Raise Your Voice!” and a Vlog aired at The AMO TV Brunei channel entitled “Brunei UK Experience“(Don’t forget to subscribe in my Vlog!). In this is a promise made to readers that we will continually upgrade the quality of articles and design to ensure the best possible content that will be relevant to the Bruneian youth audience. Who are “we” you say? The AMO Times team that is who. Until then I’m Abdul Malik Omar, this is My Journey, wishing you to Carpere Tua Die!