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Going for Gold:Brunei London 2012 Olympics Exclusive Report

The final countdown to the greatest show on earth has begun. And The AMO Times is here to do an exclusive report on that entitled “Going for Gold”. It will be a 3 part article series that will include exclusive interviews with our Olympiads and the Bruneians at present for the game. There will also be pictures, videos and news relating to the above mentioned.

It is important because sometimes the global media may choose to left out about Brunei Darussalam, then that is where AMO Times team will bring in. As the “Brunei Flag on Queen’s Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, UK” case. This will ensure that our national standings will be strong to the eyes of the world. That we are here and ready to go. Particularly for the London 2012 Olympics.

Meanwhile our Bruneian Olympiads participants will be arriving in London on the July 27- Aug 12. Anderson Lim Chee Wei, the swimmer and hurdler Maziah Mahusin will be battling it out against the rest to go for gold. The duo were awarded London 2012 Olympic Scholarships last September and have regularly represented the country over the past couple of years.

So tune in to The AMO Times’s Going for Gold as we follow up to the London 2012 Olympics. It will surely be fun to watch the Brunei flag fly high. While at the same time showing the global world that we are becoming a nation which will one day achieve greatness by 2035. All under His Majesty’s vision and guidance.


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    Posted by raspberry ketones | July 23, 2013, 5:43 pm

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