As a college student attending class would often result in either of these two scenarios : the first being truly interested in the subject matter thus attentively participating and secondly being too occupied with other matters making concentrating in class seem like a difficult task. Let’s not even mention the numerous times, We all have fallen asleep due to a teacher’s droning voice over a growling hungry empty stomache ( which then sends each of us on a mini quest in imagining the glorious moment when the lunch bell rings) ( our college has no bells, sadly). What makes matters worse, is that you simply don’t see the point in knowing unrelated matters to our lives and how it can be useful in this funny thing called, Life.( most complaints have lead up to General Paper) It seems impossible sometimes, to be truly interested in classes we wished we were never in.

However, have no fear! It is apparently a simple structure and pattern of action which regulates our concentration levels in class, I.e Getting into a comfortable sleep pattern consisting of the suitable amount of hours of sleep which can guarantee more focus  and productivity in class. But what about the gamers and nerds that get 4 hours of sleep everyday, you might ask? Well, it is only a matter of choice for the individual to give in extra effort after class during revision.But think of the weight put off by students if they initially understood what was taught in class rather than scrambling with their half asleep- written notes after, not only does it save time and effort, but also paper! Ah, the wonders of concentrating.

A change in extra co- curriculur activities or an addition of could also help with increasing the level of attentiveness in class. By taking up sports or a hobby, it enables the student to direct his/her attention to the subject matter, unattached to his/her needs of expelling out their stresses/ creativity. The growing trend has been to be involved in charity events around the country, to do goodwill For the sake of helping around.However, this has to be taken with a pinch of salt as it becomes problematic especially for college students who wish to strike the right balance between their activities and their studies. It acts then as a measure  of responsibility for these pre – adults before attending university. But a simple advice would be to keep a planner, either digital or hand-written. ( stick to pen to paper if you’re traditional and love post -it notes) ( wait, that’s bad for the environment. recyclable paper please) This would help in organising scheduled meetings, classes to birthday events. It’s not mainstream to try and live orderly, though setting up agendas for this writer would be problematic, it’s a nice feeling to have to exactly know where and when things occur.

So let’s have more apples than coffee to wake us up for better concentration,less time and dependance on technology for time well spent and more logical thinking for making right decisions. But if all else fails, give M83′s Midnight City a listen, it’ll sure wake you up with it’s electro beats and echoes, the video is ironically about super children whose mental capabilities encompasses those of our generation, all X-men psyche and all.

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