I was reading the dumb 9GAG posts when I suddenly found this interesting picture piece in another website. The picture above represents the top corporations that rule the product line that make up our daily consumption. It ranges from food products to beauty’s, from Sodas to Colgate, from Chocolates to cat foods. In this context these items need no introduction anymore. They are sold everywhere and anywhere. From huge retail outlets such that of Hua Ho Branch to Indian provision shops such as TM Majid’s. Its part of our lives.

So its fitting that I write a short article explaining how corporations possibly came about and why are we tolerating these products. Furthermore does this constitute that Capitalists have direct influence on our daily lives through the illusions of choices them put on us? Finally, when can a Bruneian Multi National Company challenge these companies over here? It will be answered in the preceding paragraphs.

Firstly, these corporations are able to exist and expand because they are very excellent in two things: Making Profit and Creating Value. Creating value has always been the heart of the matter for great enterprises. It is giving what you want which in this context is the consumer products. Products that would satisfy your wants, needs and desires. All this in return for that ever controversial word namely “Profit”. To the Anti Capitalists who is reading this may disagree with me that making profit is an “evil” thing but consider this: Would you be contented to work for someone who does not pay you at all? I mean considering that you work means that you are making money for yourself so you can justify your living. That wage/salary is your profit is it not?

The Anti-Capitalists then would retort that Corporations are the main devils who “exploit” people. It does happen some of the time but so does what has happened to Socialists, Marxists, Nazis and Leftists governments in the past. In this day and age corporations are well aware of the impact they are inflicting to the world, their influence carry on great heights that even a single stain of reputation can destroy their image. That is why they now have a thing called “corporate governance”. Which basically means “Treat your customers, employees and employers well or you can forget about your enterprise”. That is why Dubai treat their labors very well once they are “caught” by the “human rights” watch. There is simply no room for corporations to act bad anymore especially with the advent of internet information boom. Thus the point that corporations came about and why we tolerate theses products.

Secondly, can corporations influence our behaviors through a manufactured illusions of choices? Well the answer is a resounding yes. Through countless billions of dollars that has been poured into the study of the human minds and it has allowed corporations to learn on what makes YOU tick. Yes YOU, me as well as the rest of the society. The adage that all humans are different in nature is but of little meaning to corporations because in the end we are all the same. Read the book Influence by Robert Caildini and you can get a clear picture of how we work and why we work towards the thing we do. As John D. Rockefeller once said that “individualism is dead”.

They would learn on how your minds work. Heck lets simply call them mind control. But business people are smart, they prefer to cloak that disturbing word under the word “marketing”. Thus corporations can get away with it. Yet do not jump on your anti capitalist hat just yet, consider this, the companies that gave you the biggest brands, the best computer models and the latest cars are all produced because of what you want in general. Henry Ford once said, at a time when there automobiles are scarce that if he tried to ask what the people want then they will most often answer one thing: A faster horse.

So marketing is good to learn on how to meet with your needs. Thus corporations are great at it that they remain prosperous and wealthy that they can use their wealth and invest it back to the enterprise. For example, a Chinese restaurant that makes tremendous levels of profit and by the end of the week pays its employees their respective wages for the work done. Simple yes? Thus corporations and great marketers used that knowledge to provide you what you want. They influence you to a certain extent but overbearing influence can make you lose your identity. Just have some limit on what you believe can be acceptable and what is not. Too much can make you allude yourself to the options they give you. Set a limit. Only you can control who you are.

Finally as the giant corporations are trying busy to rule the world commerce today, it is wise to take a look back at how Bruneian Companies can fight and strive against this environment. Not so long ago that I was tweeting a person about competitive advantage and all which gave rise to an idea that if these corporations are to huge for the whole market its time that we target a niche. And let us all build on that particular strength hence. The one which I have in mind is the Brunei Halal Brand. After all the Halal Food industry is about USD$661bn market worldwide and ever increasing by the day. So that is an opportunity for us to develop our industrial framework to capture that still infant market. But take heed as other nations like Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan to name a few are also pressing forward for expansion. So why not? Let us all create our own Brunei corporations that will do just the above so one day that this small tiny sovereign nation will be reckoned as one of the most powerful economic nations on the region before 2035.

Therefore I conclude that corporations were able to came about because of their excellent ability in making value and profit. Corporations run by Capitalists can have direct impact on us to the extent if we do not let them control us through their excessive marketing campaigns. Finally Brunei can have its own successful corporations provided that it knows its competitive strategic advantages within the targeted market. So it can effectively developed it to the extreme utmost. Thus the illustrations of choice is a perception that we see as it is, why do we not turn the tables instead and make choices for them instead?