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PTEM Holds A Food Drive Week!


By Fadli M. Zaini

Pusat Tingkatan Enam Meragang (PTEM) will be holding a Food Drive next week. The Food Drive, a collection of food, is organized by the Youth Development Club (YDC) for a charitable cause. This is their first event this year and will make a mark with the new junior intake in the club. Since the approval by the Principal, the members have been working hard to prepare and to spread the word. The event is open to all PTEMians.

The objectives of the event is to immerse acts of goodwill to allow our members of the student body to give back to society in hopes of shaping today’s youth for the better especially in PTEM. It is also taking benefit to increase awareness on issues and alleviating poverty in Brunei Darussalam as mentioned in His Majesty’s vision of eradicating poverty in Brunei Darussalam by 2035.

Food Drive containers will be placed in places such as the lobby are where food items can easily be collected. Advertisements in the form of flyers, posters and announcements have been made and placed in strategic places of the school.

The food items collected will be sorted out by YDC members along with Teachers-in-Charge. YDC plans to collect food in cans and other nutritious items that can last for a long time such as:

1. Canned Meats i.e. tuna, chicken and beef
2. Canned/Boxed Meals i.e. soup, Mac and Cheese
3. Canned/Dried beans
4. Pasta/Rice/Cereal
5. Canned Fruits
6. 100% fruit juice (canned/plastic/butted)
7. Cooking Oil

To ensure food safety, participants cannot use: 1. Rusty or Unlabelled Cans 2. Perishable Items 3. Homemade Items 4. Non-commercial canned or self-packed items 5. Open or used items 6. Near to expiry date

A member of YDC stated that it’s of strong hope that the project would create awareness among the students that although we are very fortunate to be in Brunei, there are still others who still need assistance for everyday basic needs like food. She also added that hopefully the project would be a success. The Food Drive week starts tomorrow. All PTEMians are strongly encouraged to participate.


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