ASEANpreneurs is a youth run international organization endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affair dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in the ASEAN region. We are headquartered in Singapore, and the network is maintained by both NUS Entrepreneurship Society and students from leading ASEAN universities. Our key strength is a faithful and ever-expanding network of over 15000 youth members across Southeast Asia.

We have two flagship international events – the ASEANpreneurs Idea Canvas (AIC) , a regionwide business plan competition and the ASEANpreneurs Youth Leaders Exchange (AYLE), a weeklong conglomeration that fosters the entrepreneurial mindset.

My personal role in ASEANpreneurs was that of Marketing and Sponsorship Director during the last academic year. As such, my team and I were responsible for acquiring funds through corporate sponsorships and grants. The marketing aspect was directed at publicizing our initiatives to the ASEAN youth.

This academic year I will be stepping up to lead ASEANpreneurs as its President. One of the key aims we have this year is the establishment of Country Chapters. We want the ASEAN countries to model our headquarter and organize independent initiatives that focus locally rather than internationally. We hope that with this, ASEANpreneurs would have a more relevant impact in its directness and consistency. We also want to empower one of the Country Chapters with the honour of hosting AYLE 2013.

By Yash Vardhan Kanoi