It all started out when my senior, Omar Abu Jassar invited me to a trip. At first I did not where, what and why the trip is for. But after realizing that I have been inactive for a while, I immediately jumped ship. My decision was further cemented upon hearing that we are going to one of center of intellects of the world, Oxford. Or at least that is how I perceive it.

Another reason for me to join this is because the bus ticket only costs £5.00, a return journey! It was a great offer. If I had to take an alternative method i.e. train I would have to pay about £40! That is like almost BND$80. So why not I say?

However there was a catch to it. The journey was intended mainly for the post graduates. I am an undergraduate. The former was given top priority. If the seats is not enough I would be disqualified from the trip. But thankfully some students did not show up so I was official in.

It was great.