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FICE KBis a local aspiring artist residing in the renowned oil town of KB, Brunei Darussalam. His journey was ignited by a passion for Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B music.His first song release is ‘Let That Body Work’ in 2010, under the collaboration with Ancun Layzee Records Production which was once aired in Pelangi FM. The most recent music is entitled “Lirkal” which means “Lyrics” in Malay.

The music is mixed & mastered by MuS & Rahim Abds. Both of which has a mix blend of Bruneian Malay and English tune to it.

When asked what is his plans for the future, specifically in the music industry he replied “I’m just going to keep doing what I do, Keep making good music….(and)..open to collaborations”

Furthermore FICE KB mentioned “..find a decent job in my respective field, help my family and live life as it is.”

The Bruneian and Miri mixed decent is currently studying Diploma in Computer Studies in an undisclosed private institute.

Here are his music “Lirikal” and “Let That Body Work”

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