Brunei Darussalam has won the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy. It is an historic night that proved that local youths have reached a whole new standard in soccer sports. Indonesia is a very well known formidable foe throughout the region especially in soccer.

In the match 2 of the Bruneian players were injured but The “Tebuan” came out with flying colors in the end.

When Brunei scored a the 1st goalie, the jammed packed stadium was in total frenzy! This was further sparked upon for the next goalie. People especially the locals were very happy about it. Banners and Flags were waved, people shouting and when the final whistle match was blown, everybody celebrated.

His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah and the royal family was in attendance. His Majesty is probably smiling right now feeling happy for the national achievement which the national players have secured for us tonight. Trophies and prizes were then given to the players, Brunei and Indonesian team alike. Then they have a group photography as you see above.

Here are comments by people:

Emy Lala “Kami orang Malaysia mengucapkan tahniah kepada Brunei Darussalam yg berjaya mengalahkan Indonesia!!!teruskan kercermelangan dan semoga berjumpa di AFF SUZUKI CUP 2012….”

Hs De’Reds “dari underdog , kini Brunei Darussalam sudah bertukar menjadi the undertaker .. sudah terang lagi besuluh , tebuan muda kini tajam dan bisa senggatannya ~”

Kwon Pmd “BRUNEI CHAMPION HBT,congratz to allbrunieans players,katakan kami bukanbudak BELASAHAN…..kini terbukti kita dapat bersaing mana negara asian..welldone to AMIN 18 & ADI 20 they made all supporters and the country proud..BRUNEI YAKIN”

HBT 2012 Belongs to Brunei Darussalam and its a very awesome way to celebrate the National Day.

Below are some pictures, video courtesy from Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy group, the Bruneian Fans and RTB.

Above are some pictures and video courtesy from Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy facebook group, the Bruneian Fans and RTB.

Looks like “Paul” was almost Right there. Does not matter, Brunei still wins!

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By Abdul Malik Omar