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BruKent wins best Cultural Performance in Worldfest Festival 2012

BruKent, Bruneian UK Society snatched the First Spot in the Best Cultural Performance award category in the annual Worldfest International Showcase 2012 competition held in University of Kent.

The event was held between the 23rd to 26th of February which is quite fitting because our national day celebration is at that time. BruKent also attained the 2nd spot for the Best Overall Performance.

The society performed a play from the history of Brunei Darussalam called “Lela Menchanai”. Where the audience got a chance to see how the history of Brunei played out as.

It also showcase Traditional Dancing and Silat Performances. To know more about the history of Brunei you can go to this link.

By the end of the session the Bruneian Kent Students sang the Bruneian national anthem, “Allah Peliharakan Sultan

Worldfest is an annual four-day event for students and staff celebrating diversity and multiculturalism within the University of Kent.

“The BruKent Society would also like to Congratulate all the other societies who participated in this prestigious event for their enjoyable performances and winning an award in the other categories.” as their blog stated.

Meanwhile check out what the Brunei Students Birmingham society are doing to celebrate the National Day. Click this out.

Meanwhile in Brunei now, The Parang Man run amok creating havoc in the city streets http://theamotimes.com/2012/03/01/parang-man-run-amok-in-brunei-2/


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