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Datuk Siti Bought A RM1 Million Home In Australia

rumah mewah sitinurhaliza di australia

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian singer, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin  had recently sign a deal to buy a one room apartment at The Istana during the launching ceremony of the project yesterday.

Local developer, Magna Prima Bhd.who became the main developer for the property in Melbourne, Australia featured Siti Nurhaliza as the first buyer and investor of the luxury home unit.

During the ceremony, Executive Director of Magna Prima Bhd., Datuk Rahadian Mahmud said, as much as RM714 million was invested for the project.

Not denying that the investment to The Istana as the very first project for the company, Rahadian sees the development of the project as an early measure to expand their business to foreign countries.

“The investment on The Istana is our very first project in a foreign country and in a way, it would speed up our measures to expand our business to foreign nations,” said Rahadian.

The development of the project has even given them profit as 62 percent of the units had been bought by Australians and international people.

The Istana is expected to be done by yer 2014 and it could provide chances to Malaysians to buy the units for those who are living there.

“We have seen that many chooses to buy foreign properties especially in Australia and United Kingdom because both are the centre of higher education institutions. Even Malaysian professionals are interested to invest in Australia,” he said.

The Istana is a 25 storey residential apartment that is situated in A’Beckett Street, right at the heart of Melbourne’s business center.

Previously, the project was known as Dynasty Living was developed on a 10,800 square meter land and it has 320 residential units.

The change of name to The Istana is a strategic way to show the architecture of Malaysia.

By Hanif Jh


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5 thoughts on “Datuk Siti Bought A RM1 Million Home In Australia

  1. 1Malaysia knows that Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is a rich millionaire and the number one singer in Malaysia and even Asia. I wish I can buy luxury property like her and invest money in stock market, if only I have the chance and opportunity.


    Posted by eddicrita | February 26, 2012, 12:35 pm
  2. So now Magna Prima have changed the name of this development which they bought from a Chinese Developer Yucai Australia Pty. Ltd from Dynasty Living to The Istana which is they say a strategic way to show the architecture of Malaysia. Well for all interested in this development and as an Architect I have the right to say that this building was designed by Australian Architectural company for the Chinese offshore market mainly and definitely not for the Malaysian market. And I see now Magna Prima have and are promoting that Malaysian singer, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin has signed to buy one – this is a lie and no doubt just to sell of the remaining apartments. I am sure they will give her deposit back at some stage as Magna Prima’s credibility and all those associated with them should be questioned – here is the reason why: I bought one of these apartments (Dynasty Living – Melbourne, Australia) from Yucai Australia Pty Ltd. thru their agents Chinese agannts in Elite Properties Pty Ltd Australia. After securing one apartment by signing a Sale Contract and outlaying 10% Deposit they ALL have along with there solicitors have since been non responsive to my emails and in particular letters from my Property Lawyer/Solicitor – extremely poor and unprofessional. I have since on 11/10/2011, 21/12/2011, 23/12/2011, 27/12/2011, 04/01/2012, 11/01/2012, 16/01/2012 and 13/01/2012, sent emails to Magna Prima Berhad and Cc Maddocks and they too have yet to responded satisfactorily. The world is greedy all about money, Prior to one signing up they all treat you as sweet as icing on a cake, and only after they have received your signature and down payment (10% Deposit) they treat you like a lemon very bitter!!!!!!!! I advise ALL looking into this development DO NOT buy. The Development as Magna Prima Posted online that the development would start in 2011, Surprise, Surprise IT ID NOT! Have also inside information that the development may not be completed until 2014 which is contradictory to which they Magna Prima claim ill be completed in 2013. The new developers (Magna Prima) are now selling these apartments starting from AUD 309,000.00 in-lieu of AUD 321,000.00 to attract buyers. Those whom have bought into these at the higher price are also NOT HAPPY as the Magna Prima are IGNORING there financial interests only to benefit themselves to get quick cash in hand by dropping the selling price, hence they are dragging down the value of the apartments. Those considering buying into these Developments by Magna Prima BEWARE, there is a CREDIBILITY


    Posted by John | February 27, 2012, 12:26 pm
  3. Magna Prima marketing materials (website) have purposely left out any information about the large building which is almost completed adjacent the North East Elevation of the proposed The Istana.

    Those buyers beware, firstly you are being mislead and being taken advantage of, and secondly do not buy, if your are going to buy definitely do not buy any apartments facing North East – NO SUNLIGHT AT ALL, as it is being overshadowed by a large +25 storey glass building!

    ALL documents provided by Magna Prima do not indicate this, and also their documents should show other existing apartments building recently built to the North West of the development. They are giving the consumer a wrong image and portraying that their are views all around, this is infact wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can be contacted if you should wish at zio_enio@yahoo.com.


    Posted by John | February 27, 2012, 3:28 pm
  4. All reply to my post are in relation to this Development is a good investment opportunity are NOT based on facts BUT speculative BEWARE BUYERS!. The other point which should be noted is that the number of offshore students wanting to study in Australia has dropped in big numbers in 2010, 2011, 2012 and will continue to do so since the Australian Govt. introduced new legislation in reducing the numbers in skilled migration categories required in Australia. ALL my comments placed to date are based on FACTS and NOT SPECULATIVE. Investments are not a sure thing but a risk, as anything can affect it from any countries movements to another from around the world as history to date has shown us!


    Posted by JOHN | March 31, 2012, 1:11 pm
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