Happy National Day Brunei Darusslam!!A quick fun fact: Did you know that Brunei celebrated her independence in the 1st of January 1984 and was only celebrated on the 23rd?1st February 1984. Its a day to be reckoned.The chant “ALLAH HU AKHBAR!” rings in the SOAS Open field.”ALLAH HU AKHBAR!” just as it was chanted yesterday.

“ALLAH HU AKHBAR” as Sultan Begawan declared the nations independence form the British.

Let us all reminise about our forefathers sacrifice.

What we have today is their gift.

Canons will thunder the skies.

Nationales will march forward in the fields where our independence was born.

While the youths be stong. With eyes gleaming with a future worth upholding.

Today the spirit lives.

History is in the making.

Independence Day for Brunei Darusslam is this day.

Remember them, Remember the fight, Remember our duty. For the gift of the future by our ancestors is marked upon what we Bruneains celebrate today.

A greater Brunei Darussalam awaits us all with His Majesty leading us forward.

The national vision of 2035 will be realized. Happy National Day Brunei Darussalam.

Its 28th years now. Let us remember our past and strike our own paths for the future.

The Greater Brunei Dasrussalam awaits.