Brunei’s 28th national day will be held in less than 3 days. Selected students from across the country who have been practicing profusely under the hot and cold weather will now have the chance to show what they have learned. There will be colorful dances performed by the students along with long range marches by Brunei societies and most important of all free foods and drinks for the volunteers who partake in the event.

The audience will have the chance to see His Majesty saluting his people at the SOAS Open field. Its a rare chance. For the visitors who might came across this day, it will be a wonderful experience. Simply amazing. There are the “pom pongs”, dances, marching and huge gatherings. It is going to be colorful. The youths who take part in the event will find themselves doing their best in reliving up the patriotic spirit of the ages for the motherland, country and His Majesty.

In the history of Brunei Darusslam, the independence from the British was declared on the 1st January 1984 and is officially celebrated it in the 23rd February annually up until this day. It is going to be great, to the youths doing the best they can in performing the dances let it be known that its a very fun event. Though some girls or even boys may pass out in the performance be strong, as its for the world to see.

Meanwhile look at what the students in UK are doing now.

The AMO Times wishes everyone of you a very forward Happy National Day.

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