Truth be told, this is not something which is going to work 100%. There is no guarantees of the above statement.

But it did on me. Either ways this is a simple tip on how to get a MOE scholarship even if your UCAS points lack. I repeat MOE Scholarship, not Mindef, not MPKR or any of the rest. I am speaking from my own experience here and its best that I share my techniques on how I did it not how others did it. Note also that your results have to be almost average not straight Us or else it will not work.

1st of all, the course I am taking now here in University of Essex requires students to have at least 340 Ucas points. I only manage to get 240. So 100 points are lacking there and good part is I will show you how you can do the same. I am taking International Business Enterprise and Management….(Forgot the full name :/).

And that I only applied on the second batch. A last minute kind of thing. I applied less than 2 months and straightway fly a week after getting the scholarship. It was hectic. But since you guys I presume are now applying the HECAS and UCAS thing now you are in a much more better position than I were. Only problem is that there are a lot of students wanting the same thing which you want. More competitions. So the 1st batch is quite somewhat a bittersweet experience depending how you perceive it.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that the UK Universities see Brunei Darussalam as a lucrative market. Brunei has a lot of money. Now I may sound a bit malicious there but that is the truth, they want money to fuel their economy. University needs money as it is operated as a Business. But it is justified as we can learn their knowledge in exchange for the monetary value we give.

So study hard. This is the government’s money paying for the scholarship students. This is His Majesty’s government who we are talking about. His Majesty has high hopes on us. We are his investments and his national vision of the Greater Brunei Darussalam of 2035 awaits.

So let us begin.

1# Tip – Go to the UK educational fair this February and ask for the “Unconditional” offer letter from respective universities.The next will be at Wednesday 22nd February 2012, 2pm – 8pm at Songket Hall, @ The Rizqun International Hotel. Go to the officers who are associated with James Hon.

2#Tip – Follow up with the officer. I recommend you guys to go to James Hon office. Go to them. Its a better choice. Not that I want to exclude HEU or something but I think they are too busy. James Hon is a better choice. Ask him and ask the university officers. Get the offer or unconditional offer letter as soon as possible. Get their email too form the targeted university

3#Tip – When all are peace and calm, get your fingers ready to type in your own “Offer Letters” to them. This basically means that you have to sell yourself to them and offer benefits to the officers in return for the university admission. I did it. I got it. Over the “showering students from across the globe” they manage to choose a student from a small country of Brunei, me.

That ladies and Gentlemen is how I manage to get the scholarship admission to the Essex University even my points were “super off”. Its 100 points off.

Below is a sample of the “Offer Letter” I gave them

To: Dan Entwistle
Senior International Officer
Wiivenhoe Park Colchester
From: Abdul Malik Omar
The Entrepreneurial Eagles
Brunei Darussalam 29th August 2011
RE: Official Offer Letter through UCAS
Hello Dan, Malik here from Brunei Darussalam. You given me an unconditional offer letter dated 24th August 2011, a day before you left our country. The course is Bsc International Enterprise and Business Development(NN21).
I did what the instruction letter told me to do so, to add in the information in the UCAS Track’s Clearing choice and so on.
But then until now I have not receive the Official Offer Letter.. I got a reply from the university but I don’t see it. My UCAS ID is **********(Censored).
Dan, the course you suggested requires 360 points whereas I only got 260 points. Below are few reasons why your university should consider me amidst the lack of points.
First, I am the CEO of The Entrepreneurial Eagles, a nation wide entrepreneurial youth club having 70 members across the country. Most of them are youths who will be taking their A-levels.Secondly, the Club has strong ties with the Nation’s Youth Center(over 5000 youth members) and the Nation’s Media paper(i.e Brunei Times and Borneo Bulletin; news that over 100,000 people here read).
Thirdly, The Entrepreneurial Eagles Club is recognized by powerful people here in this country; decision makers of this nation and they monitor what we do, I.e His royal Highness Prince Azim and Vincent Cheong; CEO of Brunei Economic Development Board. From all the above I can help your university Big Time in spreading the word of  amongst the people here and effectively increase the enrollment rate and reputation of your University.
Dan, I can save you Time, Energy and Money. I have the influence. Consider to the main administrator about me for the official offer letter through UCAS and I am sure in the long run having me in your university will be a great asset for you in recruiting a lot of students here.I look forward for your favorable reply Dan, and also recieving the Official Offer letter from the university of Essex through UCAS clearing before 5th of September 2011 as the government scholarship admission will be closing soon.In this case if your university picks me, You will hit a lot of birds with one stone. Thank You
Abdul Malik Omar
The Entrepreneurial Eagles

Final Tip. Deliver your goods. That is the most important thing. Now even if I am no longer the CEO of The Entrepreneurial Eagles now as the club is no longer active but through The AMO Times I can do exactly as that, in promoting University of Essex right now as well as in the future.

To conclude, ask for the offer letter this February from the university officers, go to James Hon, get their email, follow up, make your own “Offer Letter” to them and most important of all deliver the goods. Until then if any questions regarding the matter you can simply comment and I would answer them if time allows.

So I see you guys here someday and hopefully we can get along together in creating a Greater Brunei Darussalam by the year of 2035.