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ITB Open Day – Don’t miss out from this Amazing Opportunity.

ITB is having an InfoDAY this 9th up to 11th February 2012 from 9AM up to 4.30PM where potential students will be able to get information and consultation on the courses offered for both HND and Degree.

This a a great opportunity for students who wants to land a job in the private and government sector. The level of quality is high and the method of teaching is more of a hands on approach. That approach made ITB’s Degree and HND Courses a highly preferred choice especially in this time where there is a persistent rise of  unemployment figures in Brunei.

Furthermore, this is a great opportunity for students to extend their options in continuing their HND or Degree courses. The more options the better because if you don’t manage to get to the institution you applied for at least you have another option to fall upon. We see many cases of students who did not take this into consideration as a result they regretted their decision.

For example when an acquaintance of mine failed to get accepted in UBD, he basically missed out his whole year before applying again. Only if he made ITB as his other option do he possibly manage to study there. But he did not. He lost his opportunity and as a consequence lost his time. So the point is to have more options. Safer that way.

Mind you that its a first serve basis kind of thing.

So if you come there is a higher chance that you’ll be accepted at ITB!

Engineering, computing and engineering is ITB’s main strengths in terms of the educational side.

Opportunity is waiting. Don’t miss out.

For more information you can email enquiry@itb.edu.bn

Remember its : 9th-11th February 2012 from 9AM up to 4.30PM, ITB Campus

*All applicants (EXCEPT in-service applicants) must be made ONLINE by visiting the HECAS portal at www.hecas.edu.bn.
*For in-service and applicants who are employed, application forms can be obtained from:

1st FLOOR,

Abdul Malik Omar
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2 thoughts on “ITB Open Day – Don’t miss out from this Amazing Opportunity.

  1. Hi,

    the info-day is to be held on 9th & 11th of February 2012, 9am – 4.30pm 🙂


    Posted by kai | February 7, 2012, 1:34 pm
  2. Hi. There is a slight mistake on the date mentioned; should be 9th-11th February, instead of 9th-12th February


    Posted by Anonymous | February 7, 2012, 1:38 pm

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