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New: Kamal Ashnawi the Trillionaire fake or real?

PETALING JAYA: The Tanjung Malim-born, who claims to be a “trillionaire” and the owner of treasure stashed away in a secret cave, has got the online community buzzing about his proclamation of royalty, too.

Most of the comments were scornful and sarcastic, with many calling Kamal Ashnawi the creator of a mighty tall tale.

In response, Kamal said he was not surprised by the negative reaction, saying the “common people” would soon see evidence of his claims.

Facebook user Khairul Nizam Anuarul Hakim said Kamal’s story was illogical and compared it to popular Japanese comic character Doraemon.

“The story of Doraemon seems more logical than this guy’s story,” he said.

Kamal, 48, a Dutch citizen, claimed, in an article published in The Staryesterday, that he was a descendant of royal families in China, India, Java and Siam.

He said 86.7% of the money in the world belonged to him as he had treasures hidden in a three-metre-high cave, with gold bars stacked up like a pagoda, US$15mil (RM46mil) in jade and US$10mil (RM31mil) in diamonds and stacks of US dollars.

Kamal, who hopes to be recognised as the Emperor of Indonesia soon, claimed that the treasures belonged to the dynasties that ruled China, and that there was more in other mountains and vaults all over the world.

He had shown documents, allegedly from a London branch of HSBC, to prove that he has five trillion euros (RM20 trillion) in an account there.

Kamal said he had come forward because there were too many false claims by others who said they were owners of the royal assets.

Both the local and London branches of HSBC bank declined to verify Kamal’s claims, citing confidentiality.

Acting Indonesian ambassador Mulya Wirana said they had heard of others making such claims but “nothing of this magnitude”.

“There have been many others who have made claims about treasure belonging to Indonesian royalty and they have all turned out to be fake,” he said yesterday.

Mulya added that his government had never heard of Kamal but said he would look into the claims.


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2 thoughts on “New: Kamal Ashnawi the Trillionaire fake or real?

  1. i wonder why there’s no statement from the Federal Government or even HSBC unless everything he said was true….dont you think so….even the Otai like Tun Mahathir is also quite ,….First of all, he was interviewed by BERNAMA, a gov linked news agency.Even Tan Sri Zeti also doesnt make any banking statements….are they afraid of something…?Kamal is not an ordinary person, besides he is educated and has a vast working experience in Europe and USA….He used to lead an oil and gas company belongs to his late father in law-a dutchman(also a special advisor to the WALL STREET) as a CEO with about 3000 Americans under him.Finally he came back to Malaysia to launch a Sierra Hydroccarbon Complex in Kuala Kedah back in 2005 but unfortunately, as usual with the political scenario in Malaysia at that time , everything was a mess…(please check with the press about the MOU in Kedah)….after that the goverment of Perlis invited him to do the same in Perlis and the same thing happened as the fund has been blocked by the government.So the statement he has made , is considered as the last resort or opportunity for Malaysia before he divert all the fund to Indonesia , cause just remember that, eventhough he is a Malay, he is a Dutch Citizenship and the government of Malaysia cannot hold his fund anymore once he fly off to Indonesia…..So be smart to the most good hearted person in the world who is willing to share his inherited wealth to his people…


    Posted by Putra Sri Durga | February 8, 2012, 6:57 pm
  2. Nice. Free publicity and therefore turnover ‘for all storykeepers’ such as HSBC, Kamal’s company, the media etc etc.. I’m also Dutch, like Kamal, and read the article in Quote. But this kind of journalism/time wasting items ‘annoys me’.


    Posted by Scott Martens | January 18, 2013, 9:43 am

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