A few months ago, I was attending the graduation ceremony of a few dear friends at the Chancellor Hall of UBD and was quite impressed.

We had the graduates in their colourful robes, the grandeur of the hall etc.

In His Majesty’s titah, it was brought to our attention the issue that our local people lack interest in our own university. There was just very little attraction for our local students, who’d much rather opt to go to other countries for further education. From where I was sitting at the time I could not fathom why.

It was not until a few days ago when I was with friends that were interested in applying to the university that I understood.

We were surprised at the service, or more accurately the lack of it, of the receptionists.

We walked in and waited a good few minutes before a staff approached us and asked what we wanted.

After explaining that my friend was waiting for the ‘A’ Level results, and that she was interested in the Arts courses on offer, she simply told us to ‘look online’.

We certainly did not come all the way for that! After explaining that we did come here to see things for ourselves, she started talking of A-level grades and points.

After letting her finish, we asked how could one apply for the courses on campus. We did not understand what she was talking about.

Then we asked her who we could talk to about the Arts faculties.

She simply told us to go ask the security.

We were not getting any reply to our query.

The least I expected her to do was to offer us a brochure, or at least walk us down the stairs out of courtesy. I guess that was expecting too much.

Considering that the reception is the first impression one gets when applying, I was very disappointed. Thinking that this might just be our case, I asked around.

Sadly, it seems that the receptionist’s apparent lack of service wasn’t just only for us.

And yet most people wonder why people are not interested. Have their attention been brought to the matter of their customer service?