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Exclusive interview with PRS PTEM President Fadli M Zaini.

PRS is one of the biggest if not largest student society in Brunei Darussalam. They are based in PTEM, MD, SOAS, Maktab Sains and many more. The group is extensive and the way it builds up students into changers of society is remarkable. There is no larger student society like it as far as The AMO Times know in Brunei Darussalam.

Its that very reason why we had had to interview with one of the leaders of the society.We selected PTEM. Fadli M Zaini, the PRS President was featured and interviewed by The AMO Times so as to learn more about the student society in the college. Mind you, PRS is the 2nd largest student society there after the Student Council.

Interview as follows:

Reporter: Would you tell us a bit of what PRS is all about?
Fadli M Zaini: Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya or the Peer Counselours Group is a student body organization in PTEM, like the Student Council. It is not a CCA. PRS is made up of students, guided by our Principal and counselling teacher, who are committed in engaging social interaction by encouraging a healthy and cultural lifestyle. We use both our counselling as well as organizational skills we have learnt over the months to create a community of self-awareness in life issues and independent values such as leadership and being self-inspired. PRS PTEM is best well know throughout form six centres in Brunei as a leader in charity work and tourneys.

Reporter: What made you join the society and what are one of its milestones so far?
Fadli M Zaini: I was tempted to join because people like me aspire to do something more. It’s a matter of the question, “why not?” and PRS gave us the platform to do that even more. We’ve organized a number of events that have involved the form six centres in Brunei like our recent Charity Sale to raise funds for Thailand and Cambodia. One of the largest events we’ve made is the April 2011 Charity Week having the support of the Japan Embassy.

Reporter: What is your role in the PRS and what do you want to see from it in the future?
Fadli M Zaini: Currently, I am the PRS President 2011/2012. I only speak on behalf of what my members represent PRS but I drive the leadership of PRS to lead my peers to have faith in whatever they do – to represent their work in quality, not quantity. I have a vision to mould the future of PRS made up of individuals who prioritize their life values i.e. love, faith, knowledge, family and friends, and not materialistic ones.

Reporter: Is there any last words which you want to share with The AMO Times?
Fadli M Zaini: Yes, We may be PRS members, but we’re also proud students graduating from college in less than 11 months. The Principal of PTEM, Miss Chong Li Chien has always emphasized the quote, “Ask not what the school can do for you but what you can do for the school”. This is PTEM’s PRS.

"Ask not what the school can do for you but what you can do for the school"
 Miss Chong Li Chien, Principal of PTEM

From the interview, we can safely say that PRS is one of the student movement that whether anyone consciously or unconscionably realize is an advancement to the Bruneian society. PTEM is one of forefront base from which PRS is going to create change, one small step at a time. With the students moving forward and the principle standing at their backs supporting them like  a mountain, His Majesty’s National Vision of 2035 will soon be of reach.

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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