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Brunei UK Student Experience: Abdul Malik Omar, University of Essex

Name: Abdul Malik Omar
Age: 19
University: University of Essex
Course: BSc International Business Development and Enterprise

1) What made me take the course?
I am intrigued by the course since it has the word “International” and “Business” there. What is more, it’s a globalized society with a lot of things moving around in fast paced speed. So as opposed to staying ideal, I prefer to hop into the wagon to help achieve my ambitions. Globally.

2) How is my CCA/Extra curricular experience?
Its quite alright. I joined the Southend Enterprise Society as “Chief Information Officer”. Through this I managed to learn a good deal of the situation in UK, and met with a lot of great students. The most awesome part of the CCA is in the courses itself as it entails some group working, organizing and public speaking. Three passion I have in heart.

3) What are the biggest lessons studying in a foreign country?
Budgeting, Organizing and self development skills. Without the 1st and 2nd part you can go broke. That is what I experienced. Heck you’ll be scratching your way just by trying to survive in the country. The 3rd part is one of the most important skill of them all. Keeping yourself well developed to keep pace with the changing society.

Finally, What is my message to the youths out there who has aims to study in here?
Work hard, study hard and play hard. And go global.


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