As Bruneian Students miss their holidays and plunge back to the dreadful school days, one must voice out that its time to change some of the students styles. In one particular the students hairstyles. Its one of the simplest and most affordable things for guys to do in this time and age.

Its been long enough that some Bruneian students would have moderate hairstyles like this..

Its not their fault. Parents don’t teach them the skills. Why would they?

I had had enough of this. So I looked up in the Korean Pop internet  source and have put in some recommendations to which hairstyle to those Bruneians should and must have.

1st its the Blaze hairstyle(As seen on Won Bin(famous Korean Actor)

The blaze hairstyle is neat, cool and fly. It’s more adaptable into everyday life. Its simple, immaculate and quite comfortable. You can get the haircut in the Kadai K****(you finish the sentence) for BND$3.00 easy. If you do not know what is it called then just say “Gunting gigi-Pendek-2/3”. Or if you do not want to risk damaging your hair you can always go to a saloon. *Costs more money though

2nd its the Dandy/EMO Cut (as seen on Lee Minki, Jung Kyeo Woon, Lee Seung Gi and Kim Hyun Joong)

Ahhh the famous Dandy or “emo” haircut. Your face can change you know by just adjusting the front hair. When its straight/slightly rounded, it gives off a more innocent look, whereas curls gives a trendier image.

Its like….you can control it! How awesome is that?!

This does not necessarily mean that your “emo”(well yeah if you wear Gothic clothes) but you’ll look fancy and girls will see that your more cuter/trendier.

3) Rain Switz Hairstyle(As seen on Rain)

Cool Hairstyle from Bi Rain

Probably the best of them all, Rain’s Switz Hairstyle. Now you need long hair for this and this may not be applicable for students. Lest you get your hair shaved off by the school authorities.

Difficulty Level: Student Affairs.

But school aside and real world in the plate, it can make you look so sick and cool like hot bake cake.

The look can be achieved by waving wax on your long hair & flipping the ends out to create the light & airy look. Finish the look with a soft hold hairspray for a hold that will keep the wisp in awesome conditions, that is if your willing to sacrifice some of your money.


The three most important factor to make your hair dream come true.

You fancy?

So Its time to change hairstyles. Its the modern age! Go with my recommendations of either  Blaze hairstyle, Dandy Cut and the Rain Switz Hairstyle. To the Bruneian students continuing their studies out there good luck, its a long road ahead I would wish you the very best. Cut you hair.

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