3-01-2012: In conjunction with Brunei’s 28th National Day, All Bruneian Youths studying in UK are invited to the annual BBSS(Brunei Birmingham Students Society) Paintball Tournament to celebrate it with a Bang!

Watch a teaser video right here and you’ll get a sense of what Paint balling is all about.

The Event will be located at the World famous National Paintball Fields. A massive 200 acre movie themed action adventure park. UK’s best paintball site ever.

All players are issued with the very latest approved face and head protection and all players receive a full game and safety briefing prior to going out to play. Paintball guns are regularly calibrated so the highest fire rate is 260fps.

Games are fully staffed and supervised by a team of experienced marshals with emphasis being on safety, fair play and fun!

When Fatin Safri, one of the organizers was asked what the Paintball Tournament aims are

“We want the event to be known as the gathering of Bruneian youths in a very special day. The National Day. As a event that strengthen the of bonds of Bruneian students in the UK. Also to help expose what we do to the rest of the public back in Brunei Darussalam”.

Whats more is that its all about celebrating our Great 28th year of our National Independence.

Paintball anyone?

The even will expect 15 people per team of £40 per head.

This includes:
Lunch provided by the BBSS
Semi-auto Tippman 98
Scott extreme stalker goggle
WDP airtec snood
Rhino battlepack and Fatboy pods
20oz Co2 bottle
200 round loaderb
Body Armour
Free air refills
Fully supervised games, 3 marshals each
An unforgettable experience and many more

Additional information:
Each team is allowed two imports. You are able to use your own markers if you comply by the chronograph of 260fps, you are also allowed to use your own air tanks if they are UK legal.

Register now by filling in the form at http://goo.gl/Zr4Z8 and sending it to bbsspaintball@gmail.com
A deposit of £12.50 per head is required when registering.

The deadline for registration and full payment is the 10th of February 2012. 

For more information on the paintball location visit

The event is sponsored by BLNG

For all other enquiries email us at bbsspaintball@gmail.com or simply contact the Public Relations officer Fatin Safri.

Abdul Malik Omar
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