The Indonesian animation video “Pada Suatu Ketika” went viral across the internet. It was widely loved by the public. Produced by Lakon Animasi the animation video has distinct echoes of District 9 and Transformers in it. As a result, the video become the hallmark point of the animation in the silver screens to come in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the public’s assumption about the video was far away from the Lakon Animasi’s intended mission.

In the first place, Lakon Animasi is one of the many growing animation institutes in Indonesia. Based in Solo, their aim is to position themselves as a complement to other existing training institutions. Not a movie production or whatever but a training center. That aims to develop human capital in the animation sector.

This video was part of their “test flight”. To test Lakonan Animasi’s learning materials and training. To fix any flaws such as bugs, distortions and internet leggings. You name it. And it was solely intended for a limited audience in FB and other forms of social media. This is to get public’s reaction, discussion and feedbacks.

However it went viral. The public loved it. The excitement was over the roof.

It gives the public the anticipation and high hopes  that Lakon Animasi would release more animation movies. But it was not their aim in the first place. So there is this misconception going on that Laon Animasi would be a huge company that would release more animation films etc. Although they are not making a business out off this, Lakonan Animasi will continue to publish “studies” showcase in the future, certainly however and sadly in a more limited forum.

So here is the video and mind you its made by awesome Indonesians!

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