9GAG the website that gave you stupid things that made you laugh your assess off has apparently been blocked in facebook. The Social Network giant has done because of the 9GAG Army(us) “Spamming” all over it.

Many 9GAG fans are angry for facebook’s action to this. For what 9GAG has only done is to laughter and jokes that people really laugh about. So they would of course share them.

More so most people would agree that 9GAG is one of the most exciting things to see in facebook over comenting on a stragers profile. Its obvious.

However facebook thought otherwise saying that the 9GAG is taking an opportunity over facebook’s social network power to gain heavy traffic. That the sharing were a bit obsessive that they finally had had enough. So they put in their arms and blocked 9GAG for “Spamming”

Is Mark Zuckerberg getting selfish in this? Does he want a slice of the advertisment revenue too mde by 9GAG? Perhaps.

Many 9GAG were dissapointed by facebook’s resolve but who knows what may lie next. Some fans jokingly would move to google plus and create the next 9GAG army there leaving facebook forever alone.

Whatever the case may be, people are disatisfied by facebook’s decision.

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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