24 Dec- Universiti Malaya Students claimed ultimate victory after their successful complaints against low quality Wi-Fi in the institution.  As a result their fees were slashed from the original RM100 to RM60. How did they do is? The students threatened to spark a demonstration against the poor service.

To talk about democracy this is utterly unbelievable! I mean this is what its meant by the People’s Power. From such a young age these students were already prepared to demonstrate against authorities. Not sure if its legal or not but if it is in my country protest only leads one to invite more trouble.

These young people are surely brave in defying the authorities and in fact that its a birth right to do so. And you know what they win in te end! Somehow there is a balance between students needs and the educational institutional need.

Somehow we should welcome protests and demonstrations instead of shunning it. Especially in the midst of growing up in school and college. Come on..its a very fact that teachers and principals have termendous power over students and everyone knows that it is a very bad thing. Students are bullied easily and their needs are not heard quite so often as they should be.

It is Benjamin Disraeli who Quoted that “No government can be long secure without formidable opposition.”

We need oppositions in educational institutons so that both needs are met and heard. And to achieve a win-win outcome. For Youths to be leaders in our future they need to be trained at a very early stage.