Freezle Fmd

Freezle’s new B-Pop hit single “Lady Swag” is out now in Youtube.

Inspired by Souljia Boy’s “Swag Dday” music, it  adds up with a lot of fine tunes mixed up with a bit of Hip-Hop fly style. The PTEK Student mentions in his interview that he aims to develop the B-Pop industry in Brunei Darussalam.

The 17 year old Singer is under MagiQ Records International stated that

“We would like to make our own way in this music Industry.”

“We see, K-Pop has their own Industry so why not ours? Though we are young we are determined in developing the music”

It is a very young industry coming to think of it and it is well assured that we have ambitious youths who wants to make a mark in the world.

Directed, produced and distributed by the SHOWBIZZ crew and the SHOWBIZZ Originals. This is the official Music Video of ‘Lady Swag’ by Freezle.