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Upcoming iPad 3 To Be Transparent And Rimless?

A concept video on the iPad 3 has been circulating around the web speculating that the next iPad will be transparent and rimless, international news sites reported on Tuesday, December 13, 2011.

On the concept video created by Dakota Adney as shown below, a user uses his new transparent iPad, browsesphotos, watches movie and plays Angry Birds. According to the video’s description, the iPad 3 will weigh 0.6 pounds and touch operations will be more accurate and precise.

iPad 3 Concept Video
Credit: Dakota Adney / Youtube

Meanwhile, Dan Evon of Inquisitr reacted on the video, saying that Adney “may be thinking of the iPad 6 or 7, but it isn’t likely that Apple’s next product will be transparent”.

Moreover, speculations on the release date of the iPad 3 are also circulating, with most of them agree that it will be in the next 3 to 4 months, reports said.

Previous reported rumors say that Apple iPad 3 will be thicker and will have higher display resolution.

iPad 3 threatening iPad 2’s Sales 

Tablets are shaping up to be THE big-ticket gift item this year.  Fifteen percent of respondents to a ChangeWave survey said they want one. Top on the tablet wish list is the iPad 2, with 65% of respondents voting for it over the next contender, the Amazon Kindle Fire. What’s more, analystGartner Inc. predicts Apple will sell 22 million iPads just between September and the end of December.

But before you rush out to buy one yourself, you have to think about the future, about the next iPad coming down the pike.  So let’s try to read the tea leaves on iPad rumors to determine if you should buy the iPad 2 now or wait for the next version.

Release Date

Tracking the rumors on the release date has been a roller coaster. First the buzz said the iPad 3 would come out in time for the 2011 holiday season… nope. Then display problems from manufacturers were rumored to push the release all the way back to Fall 2012. Now, according to multiple Appleanalysts, the display is in production, and we should expect an early spring debut. But remember, none of this information is officially from Apple; we’re talking about rumors, speculation, and predictions.

Likely Hardware Improvements

  • High Resolution Display
  • Thinner
  • Multicolored Design
  • Better Camera
  • 4G LTE Connectivity
  • Faster Processor
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One thought on “Upcoming iPad 3 To Be Transparent And Rimless?

  1. I’ll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)


    Posted by tour du lịch cù lao chàm 2 ngày | August 5, 2014, 3:29 pm

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