One day, as I sat in the Double Decker looking out in the window, heading to the London Liverpool Station, I saw this commotion going on in St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Church’s Ground was jammed packed with people and set up tents.

They have this huge green banner with the text written “Capitalism is Crisis”

It was awfully strange that a lot of people would gather in such a place and what is up with the banner?

The green banner that read "Capitalism is Crisis"

Then it hit me.

Fuck, It was the Occupy London Stock Exchange Protest!

Occupy London Stock Exchange Protest
Occupy London Stock Exchange Protest

If you hear to news like CNN, AlJazerra, RTB and BBC, you probably heard of it.

It was led by one of the most controversial group in cyber space.

They Call Themselves…..

is organization that stand for freedom, free media and free mind.
They hope to muster up the 99% to fight against the 1%.
Anonymous are advocates in creating an utopian dream of freedom of the mass.

In the Occupy protest, the Anonymous aims this time is to topple the wall street bankers and its fat cats.
So they will distribute back their immense wealth back to the society.

Or realistically, call in the government to revise their internal policies and create a more fair reform between Big Businesses and the Public.
Now that is more like it.

The majority of the protesters were made of the frustrated UK Youths.
Mostly suffering from Unemployment and Unfair treatment.
Unfair treatment like not getting access to loans to continue their studies due to their “status”.

They felt stuck in their life.
They were pissed.
So they Protested.

Anonymous saw this frustration rallied the Youths protest, and through Cyber Space support, the movement went viral.

In conclusion of this Drama, I felt sympathetic for the Youths who protested.
They held up their arms and “lived” in their tents for over a month now, ignoring the cold weather of London and its authorities.

“A pipe dream will inspire people on a plan that might not really work”  and Anonymous goal is much more than just that, a pipe dream….for now

Anonymous VS Illuminati

But if its attention they are hoping, the globe now knows. For them this is just their beginning

Will their movement work? Will they be able to Topple the Illuminati Global Capitalists? Will they succeed?

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Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times