The video you see above are made by Pusat Tingkatan Enam Katok Students!

Its a Battlefield Parody made by them during this School Term Holiday.

Its only 3 days since they have posted the video in Youtube and there are already 600ish viewers!

ShowBIZZ Originals Production  are spearheaded by Mateen HhmAmii AriffinFreezle FmdDean RK and Haziq Sheh.

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Here’s their Intro

And this is their 1st ever Movie entitled The B.E.G Ops

Whats more students across Brunei are being inspired to do the same thing.

Even RTB has never come close in making this Action Packed Adventure before. Not even close.

This is the Way of the future for Brunei’s Media Industry!

Brunei Darussalam’s Industry lies in the hand of the Youths.

The Youths involved in the production here are Mateen HhmAmii AriffinFreezle FmdDean RK and Haziq Sheh

And if PTEK students can make this kind of video what more can they make in the future?

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